We have installed hundreds of EnergyPods in offices, hospitals, universities and fitness centers in dozens of countries across four continents.

When we started in 2003, people thought we were crazy for encouraging sleeping on the job. But today, more and more employers acknowledge the link between sleep and improved employee health, productivity and satisfaction.

Have a look at what our clients say, and how their installations look.

Beyond their practical function as a restoration station, the EnergyPods — at SCAD Savannah, SCAD Atlanta, and SCAD Hong Kong — are symbolic reminders of the need to recharge.

Paula Wallace, President & Founder, SCAD

No workplace is complete without a nap pod.

David Radcliffe, Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google, Mountain View, CA, USA

We’ve actually had people who have joined the club specifically for the EnergyPods.

Matt Jones, Club Manager, Virgin Active Health Club, Melbourne, Australia

When we first started the nap rooms, people were reluctant to use them. Now, we need to open a third one; they are so overbooked. People blog even about the impact it has on them to just get 20 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.

Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief, Huffington Post Media Group, New York, NY, USA

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