British anesthetist appeals for medical staff to be allowed naps

  • MetroNaps
  • July 4, 2022

drowsy driving

Shocking near-miss statistics: Almost half of doctors and nurses in the UK have been involved in accidents or near-miss episodes when driving home after a night shift. The dangers of fatigue exceed far beyond traffic safety. It can also affect patients’ safety, explains Nancy Redfern, consultant anesthetist at Newcastle Hospital:

“We find it hard to think flexibly or to retain new information, which makes it difficult to manage quickly changing emergency situations. Our mood gets worse, so our teamwork suffers. Hence, everything that makes us and our patients safe is affected.”

This makes Nancy and other professionals appeal for medical staff to be given the possibility to take power naps during shifts. A mere 20-minute nap is enough to improve cognition, alertness, and mood significantly. This is why Metronaps created the EnergyPod, which allows for undisturbed power napping even in busy environments like a hospital ward.

MetroNaps nap pods are already in use in several facilities operated by the British National Health Service. The positive effects of the EnergyPod have been documented in a study by researchers from the NHS. This study recommends the use of nap pods in high acuity areas.
We hope to see power naps for medical staff implemented in more hospitals around the globe. This will make an immediate difference for both medical staff and patients.


The Guardian (2022): “Sleep-deprived medical staff pose same danger on roads as drunk drivers”