Montclair State University introduces EnergyPods on campus

  • MetroNaps
  • February 27, 2024

The latest in an upward trending list of colleges to add nap pods for students, Montclair State University announced the addition of two MetroNaps EnergyPods on campus.

Many college students find their calendars jam packed with classes and study groups on top of balancing busy work and social obligations. Often, the first thing to be sacrificed to make more time in their day is sleep. For commuter students, time is even more precious and the demanding schedules can quickly pay a toll on students’ mental health, well-being and academic performance.

Montclair State University recognizes the immense benefit of providing a clean, safe place for students to unplug and get a brief rest in the midst of their busy days. Located in the Commuter Study Space just outside the Office for Faculty Excellence (OFE) in the Harry A. Sprague Library, library goers can find two MetroNaps Energypods. These nap pods are specifically designed for short daytime rest and will help students recharge quickly so they can continue with their day.