New distributor of the EnergyPod in Switzerland

  • MetroNaps
  • October 13, 2022
relacinc energypod

The EnergyPod at a relaxInc conference stand

Metronaps is pleased to introduce our newest distributor of the EnergyPod in Switzerland, relaxInc! We now can suit both our French and German speaking customers in Switzerland. 

RelaxInc is dedicated to making work life less stressful and more vital. They work with businesses to offer health events, workshops, chair massages, and much more. RelaxInc also features an assortment of products that can help employees relax and improve their posture. This is where the world’s first power nap chair – the EnergyPod – comes into play.

RelaxInc has more than 150 satisfied corporate clients all over Switzerland. We hope that adding the EnergyPod to their inventory will provide them with even better means of helping businesses prosper. We look forward to our collaboration.