Nap pods at VyStar HQ

  • MetroNaps
  • February 25, 2022

vystar lounge

Employees at VyStar Credit Union’s Northbank Headquarters in Jacksonville Florida can now recharge their batteries in two Metronaps EnergyPods.

The nap pods are a part of an elaborate interior design intended to give the employees the best conditions possible:

“When they first moved in, they said, we want this place to really be about employees. They gave the top two best floors to the employees,” says Briehn Wildman, RS&H senior interior designer and the lead interior designer on the VyStar project.

“That’s why we have nap pods. That’s why we have rest and recharge areas. That’s why we have creative spaces,” Wildman explains to Jacksonville Daily Record.

vystar hq

Besides nap pods, the VyStar headquarters feature tons of other facilities to recharge, get creative, and have fun with colleagues. This includes pinball machines, self-service snack bars, and billiard tables, just to mention a few. 

We are excited to see our nap pods become part of yet another company with a progressive attitude towards employee wellbeing and sleep health. 

With around 700 employees frequenting the VyStar headquarters on a daily basis, we are sure our equipment will be put to good use.

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