Buckle up for National Napping Day 2022

  • MetroNaps
  • March 7, 2022

national napping day

The 14th of March, the day after the switch to Daylight Savings Time in the US, is the date to celebrate National Napping Day 2022 – an unofficial holiday that’s steadily grown popular since its inception in 1999.

What is National Napping Day?

National Napping Day is celebrated all over America by people taking a rejuvenating daytime nap. The purpose is to shake off the effects of the switch to Daylight Savings Time, which happens the day before. 

The sleep deprivation caused by the time switch to DST poses real dangers to American citizens. Road accidents skyrocket after clocks are moved forward, as does the rates of white-tailed deer collisions

Equally alarming are the number of people who suffer from strokes in the two first days following the switch. All of these risks can be reduced simply by taking a nap. 

How to celebrate National Take a Nap Day?

The answer on how to celebrate national take a nap day is simple: Take a short nap during the day, even at work!

Don’t be ashamed to take care of your sleep health. Know that you are doing yourself a favor which will result in bigger productivity and higher alertness.

Tips for a perfect nap

Power naps are the best kind of naps. We usually recommend a nap length of 20 minutes, which is sufficient to increase cognition, alertness, and overall well-being, yet still short enough to avoid the dreaded condition of sleep inertia. 

Once you have set your alarm clock, find a nice, quiet place that is not too bright or hot, and let yourself relax for a little while before carrying on with your day.

Happy celebration!

Here at Metronaps, we highly encourage napping at work on a regular basis. That’s why we created the EnergyPod – the world’s first power nap chair.

We think it’s wonderful that there is a day dedicated to napping, especially given the increased risk of accidents posed by the switch from DST to Standard Time.

We hope you will help improve America’s sleep health by participating in the celebration on March 14th. We wish you a snoozy National Nap Day!