New podcast featuring Metronaps founder Christopher Lindholst out now!

  • MetroNaps
  • March 17, 2021

Are you looking for a sound explanation of the benefits of napping at work? – Then this podcast featuring Metronaps founder Christopher Lindholst is for you. In conversation with Kristen Rainey from Northstar Sleep School, Christopher explains why napping is good for you along with the story behind the Metronaps EnergyPod. Listen right here.


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Why do people fall asleep at work?

Metronaps was founded on the fact that falling asleep during the day is perfectly natural. Most people experience a dip in their circadian rhythm during the afternoon, and a brief period of rest is the natural countermeasure. Unfortunately, with the Industrial Revolution, our inherent sleep habits were changed dramatically.

This has serious consequences. When we are fatigued during the daytime, we are more prone to make mistakes and suffer injuries through car or machine accidents. We’re also less happy, less creative, and less productive.

We need to change our sleep habits again, and a viable way to do that is by introducing office nap pods.

”I can’t put you to sleep, but I can make it really hard for you to stay awake”

The EnergyPod creates an optimal environment for short daytime rest. First, it brings the user to a zero-gravity position, which allows the cardiac system to relax. Next, it reduces sensory input through a privacy visor. Headphones with relaxing music help the mind slow down and reduces outside noise.

All of this adds up to the ideal situation for a quick powernap mid workday. As Christopher Lindholst says: “I can’t make you go to sleep, but I can make it really hard for you to stay awake.”

Time for a new perspective on napping

While nap pods such as the EnergyPod can be part of the journey towards better rested and more productive employees, it all has to start with a shift in our mentality towards sleep.

Too often, sleep is considered as somehow wasteful, when in fact it is vital to our work performance and wellbeing. When companies start to see sleep as an investment rather than a waste of time, they open the door to fewer accidents, higher productivity, and happier, more creative employees.


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