EnergyPods at SIUE University Library

  • MetroNaps
  • March 15, 2021

siue library energypod

Nowadays, seeing a student asleep on college campus is nothing surprising… which is a good thing!

 In fact, according to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, “In terms of learning and memory, naps can give almost as much benefit as a whole night of sleep.”

Considering this, it makes perfect sense that Lovejoy Library in Southern Illinois is the latest among many educational institutions in the US to introduce Metronaps EnergyPods as a service to tired staff and students.

Covid-Friendly Nap Pods

It seems that concerns about Covid-19 has been part of the SIUE University Library’s decision to put the EnergyPods into action:

 “We can’t be using beanbags because they’re harder to clean. With the nap pods, you can still wipe them down and get them clean.” — says Antonina Weatherly, social media graduate assistant for the library.

Furthermore, we might add, the pods add some extra comfort and privacy.

The importance of naps in a student’s life

Exam sessions can be overwhelming to the point that students spend hundreds of dollars a month on an afternoon coffee. Yet, there’s no need for caffeine to regain your energy — simply take a nap.

The afternoon slump is a fact; every person experiences a drop in their energy and concentration after just a few hours of work. Sleep researchers believe that we cannot avoid it. Whether we go for a walk or drink another cup of coffee, the energy drop will happen anyway.

In 1995, researchers at NASA found that a 26-minute nap could solve this problem. The study they conducted showed a 54% increase in alertness and a 34% increase in productivity, compared to the state subjects were in before taking a nap —  think about these numbers before buying your next energy drink.


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