New Study Documents the Positive Effects of Nap Pods

  • MetroNaps
  • September 16, 2021

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Staff from the British National Health Service (NHS) has conducted a study of short rest during work shifts and finds that the EnergyPod improves staff wellbeing.

The statistics of the study speak for themselves: After the introduction of the EnergyPod, doctors of the Sandwell and West Birmingham Trust found that more employees took 30-minute breaks (37% vs 69%). More alertness was felt by 81% of users, and after usage, half of the respondents reported being more able to drive.

Time to take caregiver’s sleep seriously

The British Medical Association’s (BMA’s) Fatigue and facilities charter and the General Medical Association’s Caring for doctors caring for patients campaign both call for changes in how medical staff wellbeing is supported.  The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Royal College of Nursing and BMA now all recognize napping and breaks as essential in maintaining patient safety.

A recent survey of junior doctors highlighted that only 29% had access to rest areas or a staff room, particularly in high acuity areas such as acute medicine. Most admitted to taking only 15-30 minutes of their allotted 60 minute break with the two main reasons being a lack of facilities and judgement from other clinical staff.

Better physical and psychological health

Introducing EnergyPods has had the most positive impact on medical and nursing staff. Prior to the EnergyPods, 80% of workers reported stress and fatigue having a negative impact on their lives. Three months later, 74% of users saw a positive impact on their physical or psychological health and their ability to handle stress. An impressive 94% of users would recommend the EnergyPod to their colleagues.

On this basis, The authors of the study “…recommends  a mandatory 20-minute rest to improve alertness and accuracy… and… recommends the use of the EnergyPod in high equity areas”.

Find the full study here