EnergyPods in British Airways Forty Winks Nap Lounge

  • MetroNaps
  • May 21, 2021

Travelers with British Airways passing through Heathrow can now head for a rejuvenating power nap in the new Forty Winks lounge which features 7 Metronaps EnergyPods.

We’re very proud to see our product featured in one of Europe’s largest airports and to be part of improving the comfort and wellbeing of travelers from around the globe. We have no doubt that our pods will make a positive difference.

ba forty winks lounge

Credits: British Airways

About BA’s Forty Winks lounge

The new Forty Wink lounge is located in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, where it replaces a First lounge and a Compass lounge that was closed down due to Covid-19. Now that air travel is reopening, British Airways have decided to shake things up a bit and collaborate with our Distributor Restworks to create a new space available to all lounge eligible travelers.

It is, by the way, no coincidence that the choice fell upon sleep pods as the main attraction of the lounge: In 2019, British Airways surveyed more than 100.000 travelers. This revealed that sleep pods were right on top of the most wanted items list. Which makes perfect sense, considering how tiring travel can be.

How to book nap pods in BA’s Forty Winks lounge

To get a rejuvenating rest in one of our power nap pods in Heathrow, you need to be a lounge-eligible traveler with British Airways.

  • – No pre-booking is required, so simply head over to the Forty Winks lounge.
  • – You can check nap pod availability via a screen outside or through the “Your Menu” app.
  • – Once in the pod, you might want to consider downloading the Restworks app, where you can find relaxation tracks and other tools for better sleep.
  • – Close your pod, recline the seat, and get ready for your “forty winks”!

Power nap pods and jet lag

Power naps have been shown to increase alertness. Even a “micro nap” of as little as 6 minutes can have remarkable effects on cognition and overall well-being.

When it comes to jetlag, naps can come in handy, because they can give you the necessary energy to get through the day, and thereby be able to sync with your new time zone.

With our power nap chair, you get the optimal environment for napping. Zero gravity position allows your spine and muscles to relax, and a built-in wake-up sequence makes sure you get up on time.

Other good advice against jet lag includes:

  • – Staying hydrated
  • – Skipping caffeine six hours before bedtime
  • – Avoiding electronics and bright light in the evening


Read more about our EnergyPod here


Press release from British Airways